Greetings from eWatchmen Electronic Security Systems!

We introduce ourselves as eWatchmen Electronic Security Systems, one of the growing technology companies, which focuses on enabling its customers with well designed, reliable electronic security solutions.

We are a company “Run by engineers, Driven by engineers!”

Established in 2012 as sole proprietorship firm, EESS have enjoyed stable and profitable growth over the past years. We know what it is like to create a secure environment

Service Offerings from EESS


Building Automation Systems (HVAC)

Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

Electronic Physical Security (Access Control System)

CCTV Surveillance Systems

Gas Suppression System

Public Address System

Some of the solutions from EESS

  • Time and Parking Management –


Solutions involved – CCTV, Access control, boom barrier etc.

  • Energy Management –


Solutions involved – CCTV, Sensor etc.

  • Building Automation System –


Solutions involved – CCTV, Access control, etc.

  • Perimeter and Area Security –


Solutions involved – CCTV, Guard Patrolling system, X-ray scanners.

These are some of the solutions for your referral.
Hope the above is in line with your interest!!